Our line of Plasticulture equipment includes; Mulch Layers, Transplanters, Plastic Lifters, Hole Punches & Fumigant Rigs

New - 3-Row Mulch Layer

Three row mulch layer with adjustable side plates & bed widths. Form 3-Beds, lay mulch, drip tape & fumigant in one pass.

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All of our Lawn & Turf sprayers are built with Air-Craft Grade Aluminum frames. Specially design  for professional applicators


Check out our line of Liquid DeIcing sprayers. Designed to apply Brine Solution on Road Ways, Side Walks & Drive-Ways

Lawn & Turf

A New Generation of Equipment

Ag Sprayers

Reddick has been manufactured agricultural sprayers & equipment  for over 30 years. With units available from 50 to 1600 gallons

Reddick Ditchers

Eliminate most shovel Work and Cut More Uniform Ditches with Reddick Chain Drive Ditchers. Designed to Cut a Smooth Ditch that can be Crossed Easily with Harvest Equipment.

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Company Partners:

TriEst Ag Group

TriEst Irrigation 

New - 1000 Gallon Portable Injection Rig

This portable system is designed to batch mix chemicals on-site for irrigation injection , or direct filling of spray equipment. It's equipped with both a Hi-Volume transfer pump & Precision Metering pump.

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New - 3-Row Pre-Bedder

Three Row Pre-Bedder with Middle Buster attachments. Super-Duty box frame with folding side markers.

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