Our line of Plasticulture equipment includes; Mulch Layers, Transplanters, Plastic Lifters, Hole Punches & Fumigant Rigs

New - Aluminum Poultry House Washer

Reddick's new aluminum poultry washer is one of the most advanced cleaning & disinfecting systems available on the market today.

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All of our Lawn & Turf sprayers are built with Air-Craft Grade Aluminum frames. Specially design  for professional applicators


New - YF-308 Bedder / Mulch Layer

The YF-308 Bedder / Mulch Layer features (3) floating bed pans and adjustable press widths. 

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New - 1000 Gallon Portable Injection Rig

This portable system is designed to batch mix chemicals on-site for irrigation injection , or direct filling of spray equipment. It's equipped with both a Hi-Volume transfer pump & Precision Metering pump.

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Check out our line of Liquid DeIcing sprayers. Designed to apply Brine Solution on Road Ways, Side Walks & Drive-Ways

Lawn & Turf

A New Generation of Equipment

Ag Sprayers

Reddick has been manufactured agricultural sprayers & equipment  for over 30 years. With units available from 50 to 1600 gallons

Company Partners:

TriEst Ag Group

TriEst Irrigation 

New - 6000 Series AG Sprayer

1050 Gallon Pull-Type Sprayer with 80 Gallon Rinse Tank & 7.5 Gallon Hand Wash Tank. Available with 60' & 72' Spray Booms

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